About Us

Boys with a Deep
Passion for Football

With the vision to create the worlds best and largest online football manager games.

The Trophy Way

We believe in innovation, great gamplay, awesome design and super-friendly interfaces. We believe this is how you create the world's best and biggest online football manager games - on mobile, tablet, laptop or any other device or platform.

We aim to be bold, brave trendsetters in the online game industry. We stay ahead of the competition by being bold and willing to take on risk by putting together opinionated games. Games we believe in. We make games we'd want to play ourselves.

It is our belief that manage games are far too often far too complex - too many features, too many buttons and a learning curve that's steeper than the Alpe d'Huez - therefore we deliberately aim to create games that are simpler than those of our competitors.

We Love Football!

Our games reek of football. So do our developers. We love it. We see, think and feel football. We are geeky and knowledgeable. We compete internally and often find ourselves engaged in football-related discussions with our communities.

Not Simply Users, Co-Owners

We believe that our users are important and that we need them to drive both game activity, development and promotion. We gladly delegate responsibilities for game modification, development and brainstorming new features to our community. We do our best to retain a strong forum presence and strive hard to listen to whatever we get told, while keeping our bold, market-leading strategies in mind.

The Team

Søren Gleie

On top of being one of our two founders Søren utilises his degree in Economics to make sure we keep pushing for excellence while still earning money. When he's not sitting in his big leather chair in the board room he loves challenging himself with new computer games, betting and any kind of competition. Oh, and he once ran a marathon with no prior training.


Daniel Luun

Not only is Daniel a friendly guy who possesses a degree in Commerce from Copenhagen Business School, he is also one the most keen player of football manager games we've ever seen. Obviously this makes him the perfect person to manage the Trophy operations. He is also a passionate fan of Aalborg Boldklub.

Contact: daniel@trophymanager.com


Jonas Emil Andersen

Apart from being able to remember any tiny detail he has come across in his life, he basically churns out massive amounts of code and fixes all our computers. He's self-taught but did attend the University of Copenhagen - until he got bored and left. When Jonas is not recovering lost harddrives or driving our development efforts he grows chillies, plays the guitar and consumes an impressive amount of beer - usualy, though not always, at the same time!

Lead Front-End Developer

Armann Gudmundsson

Armann is a true front-end magician. He designs, prototypes and even codes like a true wizard. When he's not budy making our games look their best he loves competitive gaming and snorkling - and he was once ranked 1st on the PvP ranking in World of Warcraft.

Backend Developer

Thomas Lindegaard Jensen

Our only team economist Thomas is the epitome of throughness and composure - something that has often come very much to the benefit of all our games. He single-handedly built most of our behind-the-scenes team architecture and generally just makes everything run smoothly. When he's not coding/meditating he enjoys watching Copenhagen win football matches (yes, win) and has got a very classy taste in literature.

Lead App Developer

Erik Toom

Erik leads the development of our apps, but also work on other game elements when needed. He has a BSc Hons in Architectural Studies from the Univercity of Strathclyde, a degree in IT and Networking at KEA in Copenhagen and was on his way to a MSc in Software Development and Technology at IT University of Copenhagen when we scooped him up. When he's not making our apps be the best they can be he loves to read scifi and fantasy books and play computer games.

Head of Monetization

Mikkel Christiansen

Mikkel is in charge of analyzing our users and making them so happy that they don't leave, and use money in our games. When he is not petting the office dog, he is playing weird strategy and management games on his PC at home.

Head Of User Acquisition

Frederik Vig

As a recent migrant from the dark island of Fyn, Frederik is getting to know all of Copenhagens features. He is responsible for getting people to sign up to our games, and in his freetime hunting for lamps, so he won't have to continue living in darkness in his new flat.


Theis Hollensberg Svendsen

When he's not busy doing his homework and tending to his education at the gymnasium Theis helps us provide top notch Pro support and just generally helps out.

Community Manager

Francesco Porru

When he's not busy utilising his degree in transport planning making traffic flow on Sardinia Francesco works closely with the Trophy Manager Team in order to offer help and (sometimes stern) guidance. Being a Sardinian Francesco treasures his nine months of going to the beach a year - and he has just recently started growing his own fruit and veg - although the results so far aren't too impressive.

Freelance Developer

Woody Borraccino

When he's not a cool IT consultant Woody is the guy who gets down and dirty inside the engine room of our games; the Match Engine. He's got a degree in IT Science and loves wine and food tasting with his friends and adorable wife. And then finishing the evening off with a few hours of video games.