boys with a deep passion for football


We believe in innovation, great gamplay, awesome design and super-friendly interfaces. We believe this is how you create the world's best and biggest online football manager games - on mobile, tablet, laptop or any other device or platform.

We aim to be bold, brave trendsetters in the online game industry. We stay ahead of the competition by being bold and willing to take on risk by putting together opinionated games. Games we believe in. We make games we'd want to play ourselves.

It is our belief that manage games are far too often far too complex - too many features, too many buttons and a learning curve that's steeper than the Alpe d'Huez - therefore we deliberately aim to create games that are simpler than those of our competitors.


Our games reek of football. So do our developers. We love it. We see, think and feel football. We are geeky and knowledgeable. We compete internally and often find ourselves engaged in football-related discussions with our communities.


We believe that our users are important and that we need them to drive both game activity, development and promotion. We gladly delegate responsibilities for game modification, development and brainstorming new features to our community. We do our best to retain a strong forum presence and strive hard to listen to whatever we get told, while keeping our bold, market-leading strategies in mind.

Daniel Luun


Frederik Vig

Head of User Acquisition

Rasmus Thorsted

Marketing Manager

Mikkel Christiansen

Head of Monetization

Theis Hollensberg Svendsen

Support Manager